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iDental Clinic is highly specialized in the field of oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. iDental founders have spent the majority of their lives sculpting a network of connections in the dental field that have aided them in bringing their iDental vision to life.

iDental team strives to provide exceptional dental care to all patients and deliver the best results possible. Staff members travel across the world to learn about and research breakthrough advances in dental sciences, technologies and practices. All iDental clinics are equipped with the latest high-tech equipment available for optimum dental care; all tools and devices are upgraded regularly, with special attention to maintaining the best oral hygienic environment for both patients and the dental team, through the highest level of sterilization attainable.

iDental ultimately aims to fulfill patients' dreams of having healthy, beautiful "smiles for life".

Specializing In

Abnormal Canal Shape Advanced Periodontal Disease Apicectomy (Surgical Removal of Root Tip) Bone Augmentation Bone Reshaping (Alveoloplasty)
Braces Braces / Retainer Checkup Bridge Broken File Ceramic Braces Constricted/Calcified Canals Cosmetic Dentist Consultation Cosmetic Dentist Emergency Cosmetic Dentist Follow Up Crown Crown Lengthening Deep Scaling & Root Planing Treatment Dental Caries in Children Dental Cyst Removal Dental Implant(s) Dental Jewelry Denture Relining Denture Repair Dentures Developmental Disorders Esthetic Gum Surgeries Esthetic Rehabilitation Exposure and Bonding Impacted Teeth Facial Cellulitis Fallen/Loose Implant Fluoride Application Gummy Smile Treatment Hemisectioning Implant supported prosthesis Infected/Dry Socket Inlay(s) Interceptive Orthodontics Invisalign Jaw Growth modulation Late Tooth Eruption Loose Teeth Lumineers Maryland Bridge (Resin Retained Bridge) Maxillofacial Consultation Mini-Implants Multiple Implants Night Guard Obturator Onlay(s) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Oral Biopsy Oral Cancer Screening Oral Lesions in Children Oral Lesions/Ulcers Oro-antral Communication (fistula) Oro-facial prosthesis Orthodontic Assessment and Diagnosis Orthodontic Consultation Osteomyelitis Overdenture Partial Denture/Vitalium Denture Pediatric Dentist Consultation Pediatric Dentistry Peri-implantitis Periodontal Surgery Preventive Orthodontics Preventive Restorations Prosthodontist Consultation Prosthodontist Follow Up Remaining Roots Extraction Retainer Checkup Retainer Installation Root Canal Root Canal Perforation Root Canal Permanent Teeth in Children Salivary Gland/Duct Infection Self Ligating Braces Sialolithiasis (Salivary Gland Stone) Single Tooth Implant Sinus Lift Surgery Space Maintainer/Regainer Special Needs Patients Splinting of Teeth Spoon Denture (Single Tooth Loss) Sports Guard Surgical Orthodontics Operations Surgical Removal of Impacted Teeth Surgical Tooth Extraction Teeth Cleaning in Children Tissue Graft Surgeries TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) Pain Tooth Extraction Tooth pain/ache Tooth Pulp Treatment in Baby Teeth Trauma to Baby Teeth Treatment Planning and Case Assessment Veneer(s) Wisdom Tooth Problem
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M.D: we are pleased on the consultation process Jul 8, 2015
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M.D: It is our first time to visit. We were received well. It was a warm welcome. Jul 8, 2015
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iDental - Degla Maadi

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iDental - Heliopolis

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Licenses / Permits

  • Ministry of Health in Egypt

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English