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Oral Implantologist:
An Implantologist is a dental specialist who is qualified and trained in placement and restoration of a dental implant. They undertake a dynamic training program for 2 to 3 years in the surgical techniques and prosthetic procedures dealing with implants. The skills and expertise of an implantologist is the guarantee of success of any implant therapy. Oral surgeons are qualified to conduct maxillofacial surgery of the head and neck, but do not often receive an in depth training and education in dental implants. Periodontist are specialists of the gums, trained and responsible to maintain the health of gums and bone around teeth. They might not have received full training in implantology. Doctoruna provides all the relevant information you require to contact Implantologist in Cairo. You can compare the credibility of the entire implantologists here and contact them for consultation of single tooth implant, implant supported prosthesis, peri-implantitis, surgical removal of impacted teeth, exposure and bonding impacted teeth. Health services in Cairo are of international high standard, similar to other developed nations. Oral Implantologist in Cairo is highly regarded for Implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. They are the next best thing to have a mouth full of strong and healthy teeth.

Diseases treated by Oral Implantologist:

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